Fitness Bundle

Fitness Bundle

Smarter Energy with an Edge!™
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What You Get:

1 Pack of FLATLINER™ Performance Gum

1 Pack of Life's Gum® BerryDefense

1 Pack of Apollo® Energy Gum


Apollo® Energy Gum is our OG energy gum in the Liquid Core® Lineup that many athletes and gym junkies swear by to help them power through a workout. 

On days where you need a little extra motivation, chew FLATLINER™ to help enhance your performance and bring your energy to the next level. 

Life's Gum® BerryDefense is for anytime you could use the Brain-Boosting Benefits from the act of chewing, without the added caffeine. Life's Gum® BerryDefense is packed with immunity boosting ingredients to help you continue to Live Healthy!™