Synapse Gum

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Be In The Moment™

"It's like taking a dropper full of your favorite tincture and chewing an awesome piece of gum at the same time!"








A few members of our Liquid Core® Team had experienced great personal benefits from using CBD in their own lives, which had us thinking… If our liquid center technology was the best delivery system for Energy, why not for CBD as well? 
We started the hunt for the highest quality, broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD we could get our hands on and got straight to work developing our first functional gum expansion using our Liquid Core® Technology. We knew that the brain-boosting and mood-improving benefits from CHEWing would only compliment the benefits of CBD, so we designed SYNAPSE® to be like taking a tincture dropper full of 0% THC hemp extract and a piece of gum at the same time - that actually tastes good!  
Our mission for launching SYNAPSE® into the world is to create and nurture a community that is focused on being calm and living in the present moment - so that you can enjoy doing the things you love the most.