FLATLINER™is the World's Strongest Caffeinated Performance Gum. Each piece packs ~130mg of Natural Caffeine to help your performance during sports and exercise, or help you come alive with clean energy. Thanks to our Ultimate Flavor Transition, you can chew each piece for an hour or more, which can unlock Brain-Boosting and Oral Health Benefits.



**FLATLINER™ is performance chewing gum. It cannot actually bring you back to life. We say "Strong Enough to Bring You Back to Life" as a figure of speech to showcase just how potent each piece of FLATLINER™ is. Please do not attempt to use FLATLINER™ to resuscitate you or a loved one. If an actual life-threatening emergency is present, please close this webpage and dial 911. FLATLINER™ will not be held responsible for misuse. The recommended daily limit of caffeine for healthy adults is 400mg per day.





15-Pack Tray


We threw moderation a going-away party and packed ~130mg of Natural Caffeine into each piece to help Bring You Back to Life.

Our Liquid Center Technology allows more caffeine and faster release with our Ultimate Flavor Transition! (Chiclet or pressed gums can retain up to 18% of the caffeine stuck in the shell, so they keep a bad taste. )

Our Liquid Core® Gums are engineered to CHEW LONGER™ which can help prevent the “Jitters” associated with other caffeine forms.

We wanted to avoid the “First Pass Effect” which is common with other caffeine sources where only a fraction of the functional ingredients serve their purpose.


Are you ready to COME ALIVE?



"I got into skydiving when I first moved to Colorado about 10 years ago. Skydiving over the beautiful mountains in Colorado quickly became a big part of my life. Shortly after getting involved in skydiving I got into BASE jumping, and I have been BASE jumping for about 9 years now. I loved being able to travel to new places and explore and jump new areas. The people that are involved in the sports with me quickly became great close friends that were basically family. A couple years after BASE jumping I had an accident happen where I hit a cliff I was jumping off of and was severely injured. I was in a coma for about a month and was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. My whole life changed that day. Not for the negative but it taught me what in life is important to me and what to hold close.  True friends and family."

-Scott M.


"I have been a loyal customer to the Liquid Core® for a few years now. My energy often flatlines because I have an autoimmune disorder. I not only chew my energy gum before and during work and also when I'm out country dancing."

- Jennifer D.


"A few years ago I was chasing a factory KTM motorcross rider up at Berthoud and crashed, epically! After almost bleeding out I was rushed to two hospitals and woke up a few weeks later, happy to be alive. I am so grateful for all of those who supported me on my road to recovery (🙏T) and am honored to be a living Flatliner!"

- Chris M.

"My sport is skydiving, principally participating in formations world records and I compete representing Mexico with my 4way team. I have 8 world records and 2 Guinness records, in addition to many other state and national ones. Skydiving is a sport that demands a lot from the body and mind, FLATLINER™ is a great help to always be your best version ;)"


-Laura I.

"I’ve been an avid Apollo gum consumer since 2015. As an athlete, massage therapist, and construction worker, I have to be very particular about what I put in my body because I’m always in motion stressing the body. Flatliner gives me the clean boost of energy that I need when I need it. Whether I’m 10 miles into a run or approaching a project deadline, I can rely on Flatliner To help me get the job done!"

-Danny W.



"As a paramedic and critical care flight nurse I’ve spent plenty of shifts where my energy flatlined and exhaustion was excruciating… I can recharge and get the energy I need to help others."

-Eric M.


"In skydiving training days are quite hard, 10 jumps in a day practicing, or 4 to 5 jumps per day at high altitude using external oxygen in flights to try records of large formations, generate a lot of physical wear, fatigue and low energy in certain time of the day, FLATLINER is a great help to maintain performance! I always have a pack along with my skydiving gear."

- Jose I.


"I've been a pilot since 1964 and still use my plane for travel. I currently own a 1952 Cessna 170B classic tailwheel airplane. It's a pretty good cross country airplane but not the fastest, so flying a 500 mile trip involves a lot of just sitting and letting the miles drift by. I always carry Liquid Core® gums in the cockpit and on a recent trip to Kansas City from Denver, I took some of the new FLATLINER™. The drone of an aircraft engine can cause a pilot to get drowsy, which is obviously not something that a pilot should let continue. FLATLINER™ has proven to be so much better at improving my concentration than trying to drink coffee in the cockpit that I will always carry it with me on all my cross country trips now. Thanks FLATLINER™!"

-Phil R.

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