Our Liquid Core® Technology is the BEST Delivery System for Active Ingredients because it allows the ingredients release more quickly and thoroughly, compared to a solid piece of gum. The functional center is released upon the first few chews, allowing you to maximize any potential benefits faster.

Functional chewing gums with a solid piece of gum, tend to have their active ingredients get trapped in the shell and left behind, leaving you with a bitter taste and a piece of gum that you don’t want to chew longer than a few minutes.
Our signature Liquid Core® Shell contains more xylitol than any other chewing gum in the WORLD and is engineered to promote oral health. Each piece can stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more, which can help achieve physical and cognitive benefits through the act of chewing. 

Active Ingredients begin to be released from the unique liquid center within the first few chews.

Gummies, Beverages, and Pills can all suffer delays and reductions due to the First Pass Effect.

 All non-liquid center chewing gums can retain up to 18% of active ingredients stuck in the gum shell, studies show.


Liquid Core® Gum can help promote Cognitive Benefits via the act of chewing, such as:

◦ Focus & Concentration

◦ Enhanced Memory Recall

◦ Relieved Stress

* No "pixie dust" ingredients to achieve these benefits - just a piece of gum that is meant to be chewed!

Each Liquid Core® Gum contains carefully selected ingredients to help enhance your life.

◦ Energy to help maximize physical performance

◦ Health to help you feel your best

◦ Wellness to help improve your mood

We always source the highest quality available ingredients, ith more Xylitol than any other chewing gum brand in the world, you can also count on Fresh Breath & Oral Health Benefits in each piece! 



First Pass Effect (First Pass Metabolism):

A process (common with pills, gel caps, tablets, gummies and beverages) in which a vitamin, drug or other active ingredient is absorbed in gastrointestinal tract and transported via the portal vein to the liver; where it is metabolized.

As a result, only a small portion of the active ingredient serves it's purpose in the bloodstream.

**Avoid the possible First Pass Effect delays and reductions that can happen with other supplement delivery methods.

  • Our Liquid Core® Energy Brands contain Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans, in addition to added B-Vitamins. 

    Some of the documented benefits of consuming caffeine include:

    ◦ Enhanced Reaction Time

    ◦ Reduced Fatigue

    ◦ Increased Endurance

    ◦ Improved Mental Clarity

    ** FLATLINER™ does NOT contain any B-Vitmains and a higher amount of caffeine per piece.

  • Our Liquid Core® Health Brands can be separated into two categories: Overall Health and Oral Health.

    Liquid Core® SMILE is geared towards maximizing Oral Health benefits by containing Activated Charcoal, Hydroxyapatite and MCT Oil in the functional center, in addition to the Xylitol in the signature gum shell.

    Life's Gum® BerryDefense is designed to help boost your immune system and overall health. Each piece contains Vitamins B, C, D and Zinc, in addition to LifeInU™ Probiotics and a proprietary BerryDefense® Blend (Elderberry, Aronia and Black Currant).

  • Our Liquid Core® Wellness Brand, SYNAPSE®, is formulated with a special Hemp-Derived, Broad Spectrum CBD and includes ~15mg per piece that allows for a rapid uptake. 

    Potential Benefits of CBD can include:

    ◦ Relief in situational anxiety

    ◦ Natural, temporary stress relief

    ◦ Reduction in post-workout inflammation

    ** There is 0% THC, confirmed by 3rd party testing. 


What to Learn More?

Check out our research link library for links to NIH and other 3rd party studies.