Non-Liquid Center Functional Gums Lack Efficacy, Study Shows

Do Caffeinated Chewing Gums Actually Work?

In 2017, this Mars-Wrigley study concluded that not all caffeinated chewing gums deliver the intended dose of caffeine. Non-liquid center gum (like chiclet/candy coated or pressed gum tablets) with caffeine was shown to retain up to 18% of the planned dose of caffeine within the gum, making them less effective.

Read the Study, here.

Liquid Core® Branded Gums begin releasing the active ingredients, like caffeine, within the first few chews. Since the caffeine is not mixed through the gum shell, and is kept in the center, it is able to be released quickly and more effectively than a pressed or candy coated gum with caffeine. 

This also explains why Liquid Core® Gums often taste better for longer periods of time than other Energy Gum, as the caffeine can leave a bitter taste stuck in the gum once the flavor dissipates. Liquid Core® Gums have a long-lasting, delicious flavor by releasing the functional ingredients up front. 

CHEW YOUR ENERGY with Liquid Core®

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