Is Liquid Core® the Next Big Thing?

Similarly to big companies like Amazon, Tesla and Apple, Liquid Core® is also starting an innovative, new category and paving the way for other companies on the market.

We are creating a category with our advanced delivery system of Functional Ingredients coupled with the Cognitive Benefits of chewing!

Like the aforementioned tech giants did in their respective industries, Liquid Core® is starting to disrupt the current Functional Food & Beverage Market with our Functional Gum Manufacturing, Unique Products, Inspiring Branding, and Bold & Effective Strategies.

Are you ready to change the world?

Getting Involved with Liquid Core® Distribution in your Country or Region is an Exciting and One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity due to the Unique-ness of the Category!

Liquid Core® Gums offer Brain-Boosting Benefits that cannot be obtained from any beverage, pill, gummy or tincture because you CHEW it.  

Our Functional Delivery System releases active ingredients fast, helps to avoid the "First-Pass Effect", and allows for better performance than competitors.

With the Uniqueness of the Category, together, we have a huge opportunity for growth.

We control production and quality through our Liquid Core Gum Company factories in the US and Portugal (coming soon!)

The Liquid Core® Distribution Program offers a Unique way to Reserve your Territory.

You can represent Liquid Core® in a:

  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Province
  • Region
  • Country 

Or Select a Channel such as:

  • Petrol/Convenience
  • Online
  • Golf, Cycling, Action Sports or other Specialty Store
  • Mass Retail

Interested in Representing Liquid Core®?
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