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JAVACHEW™ Mocha to Mint

JAVACHEW™ Mocha to Mint

Empower Your LIFE!

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Xylitol, Maltitol, Gum Base, Natural Flavors, Natural Caffeine, Sucralose, Citric Acid, and Vitamin E.

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When To Use

Anytime you want Energy, Focus & Fresh Breath!

Created for those in-between-cup moments where drinking coffee isn't the most portable, convenient or effective option, JAVACHEW™ is the perfect little afternoon treat to Empower Your LIFE!™

Supplement Facts

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Upon the first few chews you will begin to release the Natural Caffeine from the liquid center.

As you chew, you will experience the Wave of Flavor™ and the intense Mocha Flavor will mellow out to a long-lasting minty flavor that lasts for an hour or more.

Chew for as long as you'd like, while you reap the benefits of Natural Caffeine, enhance your focus, freshen your breath and clean your teeth!
Created for those in-between-cup moments where drinking coffee isn't the most portable, convenient or effective option - JAVACHEW™ is the perfect little treat that offers energy, focus, fresh breath & clean teeth!


Life's Gum® Coffee Infused FAQ

What is JAVACHEW™?

JAVACHEW™ is a revolutionary way to enjoy your "typical" cup o' Joe!  With a liquid center that is infused with REAL coffee, you start off with the familiar taste that all coffee drinkers know and love - then it magically transitions out to a smooth, minty flavor that lasts for an hour or more. Each piece offers:

~40mg of Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans

Fresh Breath & Whiter Smile

Increased Focus & Memory Recall through the Act of Chewing

Improved Mood & Reduced Stress

Improved Oral Health from Xylitol

Always Sugar-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free

JAVACHEW™ is perfectly portable and lightweight, each cup weighs 4.5oz and has 23 pieces that are ready to go!

How much caffeine is in a piece of JAVACHEW™?

Each piece contains approximately 80 mg of natural caffeine. That is roughly equivalent to a small cup of coffee or a single serving of an energy drink.

How many pieces of JAVACHEW™ should I chew?

JAVACHEW™ packs a powerful punch for its size, so we recommend that you only chew one piece at a time, until you know how it effects you. The FDA advises healthy adults to stay below 400mg of caffeine per day.

How long does a piece of JAVACHEW™ last?

JAVACHEW™ will typically stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more, so you can chew it until you can’t chew anymore! As for the energy, depending on your metabolism, you can expect to feel the effects very quickly and taper off smoothly over a few hours. Unlike sugar laden energy drinks or sugary coffees, JAVACHEW™ offers a cleaner energy boost that is not accompanied by a “jittery” sugar crash!

How does JAVACHEW™ differ from other energy gum products on the market?

For starters, JAVACHEW™ has a liquid center that allows the active ingredients to be released quickly and effectively. You will initially taste the intensity of the energy being released but it quickly fades (within 3-17 seconds) and turns into a smooth, minty flavor.

Other energy gum products use powdered caffeine in the shell of a solid piece of gum. With this method, you never know how much caffeine is being released from the gum while you’re chewing, which is why it ends up tasting bad once the flavor dissipates - because the caffeine and vitamins get stuck within the gum itself.

Why should you CHEW your caffeine over drinking a coffee?

If you skip over the part where energy drinks can be corrosive and overall bad for your teeth and ignore some of the sketchy ingredients that can be found in them, energy drinks don’t seem half bad. However, drinking your energy is an obsolete method compared to chewing your energy.

First of all, the way energy drinks affect you largely depends on 1) how fast you drink them, 2) how much/how little you’ve eaten that day, and 3) your metabolism. With all of these factors coming into play, you never truly know when you will feel the effects or how it may affect you this time around.

Lastly, energy drinks are EXPENSIVE! Energy drinks can cost anywhere from $2-$4 per drink, not to mention the long-term effects that they can have on your health and teeth. Whereas JAVACHEW™ can cost $0.50 or LESS per piece, and can score you some brownie points with your dentist.

How many calories are in a piece of JAVACHEW™?

Each piece contains approximately 5 calories.

What are these “Cognitive Benefits” that you can get from JAVACHEW™?

The Cognitive Benefits that JAVACHEW™ can help to promote (based on quality chewing) are increased focus and concentration, improved memory recall, and decreased stress just to name a few. These are all based on independent studies that can be found herehere and here.

We even wrote an entire blog article about the benefits of chewing gum! Check it out for more information and more links to scientific studies.