What is your Ritual?

What is Your Coffee Ritual? | A Chewable Coffee Experience

For many people all over the globe, coffee is not just something to be consumed after a sleepless night, but a ritual in it’s own. 


What is your Ritual?


The act of brewing coffee can be a ritual for some people. From selecting the finest beans, to the grinding size and process, to the brew method of choice - it can all be very ceremonial and ritualistic in nature. 


For others, the consumption of coffee is a ritual. When you have a cup of coffee every morning, and then one day you wake up without time to stop and enjoy your cup o’ joe while reading the morning paper, the whole day can feel thrown off. 


Sharing coffee with guests has not only been seen as a gesture of hospitality, but a social ritual as well. Similarly, meeting a friend or date at a local coffee shop is also seen as a casual social ritual.


While some 21st century households rush through dinner and the clean up process to get back to their jam packed schedules, there are many cultures that incorporate a cup of coffee or espresso during and/or after a meal as a way to wind down, relax, and share conversation with loved ones. 


Some people have certain times of the day, or certain food they enjoy to have a cup of coffee with. Everyone’s ritual may look a little different than someone else’s when it comes to coffee.



Liquid Core® wanted to shake the status quo - by adding a spin on the daily coffee ritual that is practiced by over 1 billion people worldwide - with a CHEWable coffee experience. 


What is your Ritual?


With Life’s Gum® Coffee Infused™ you can now have your coffee and chew it too! Whether you decide to swap out your 2nd or 3rd cup of the day with a piece of Life’s Gum® Coffee Infused™ or if you’re running late and don’t have time to brew or stop for a cup - we’ve got you covered. 


We have combined the energy and flavor that you get from coffee into a delicious, long-lasting piece of chewing gum with a magical flavor transition that can help to promote brain-boosting benefits you can’t get from a beverage! 


What is your Ritual?


Spice up your coffee ritual today and try our new Life’s Gum® Coffee Infused™! 


What is your Ritual?


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