Life's Gum Coffee Infused Chewing Gum


America - we want you to continue to Drink your 400 million+ Cups of Coffee as a part of your Daily Rituals, but we also want to help Create a Solution to the 400 million+ Cases of Coffee Breath and Stained Teeth.

We knew that we already had the Best Energy® Delivery System and where other Functional Energy Products chose to Denounce Coffee, we decided to Embrace it! We got to work designing an Awesome Piece of Gum that is Infused with REAL Coffee and Magically Transitions to a Minty Finish that can offer Fresh Breath, Oral Health and Brain-Boosting Benefits that no Beverage can Provide. Life’s Gum® Coffee Infused™ is the Perfect Solution for when you do not have time to stop for or make a Cup of Coffee, or when you want an Alternative to that 2nd or 3rd Cup of the day.
You can’t CHEW your Coffee Cup - but you can CHEW Life’s Gum® Coffee Infused™ during the times where you need to be Focused and Alert with Fresh Breath!
Brain Boosting Chewing Gum
Chew your energy





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