Performance Ingredients

Whether you're looking to represent one of our current Liquid Core® Brands, or would like to develop an idea all your own, we have plenty of options for Performance Supplements!

As an established gum manufacturer, we can source various Performance Enhancing Ingredients for your Supplements. Our most requested is Caffeine, and we can create Custom Formulations with various levels. Possible options for Performance Ingredients include, but are not limited to, Vitamins and nootropics like Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine and more!

Whatever your Brand needs, we can work together to formulate a custom Functional Chewing Gum aimed at enhancing the body and the mind.

PS: We ALWAYS use Natural Caffeine - NEVER Synthetic or Encapsulated.


Caffeine Level Options:
▫️ 40mg
▫️ 80mg
▫️ 130mg
▫️ 200mg

Natural Caffeine Sources:
▫️ Green Coffee Beans
▫️ Green Tea

Plus other Functional Ingredient Options.


Drop your contact details below, including your website (if you have one), and any other relevant information you think would be helpful in determining if we're a good fit to manufacture your Brand's version of a Liquid Core® Gum!

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