Always Natural Caffeine. Never Encapsulated.

Why do we use Natural Caffeine?

We knew that the ingredients mattered when we sought out to make a better-for-you, fast acting, caffeinated gum.

After careful research and consideration, we landed on using Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans (and now also from Green Tea in select formulas) instead of Synthetic Caffeine Anhydrous. 

Natural Caffeine is much more expensive - but we always want to create the best product for our consumers.  Read up on the differences between Synthetic and Natural Caffeine, here

Top 3 reasons for choosing Natural Caffeine:
  • It is Healthier
Synthetic Caffeine is NOT the same as Natural Caffeine. 

At Liquid Core®, we want to empower you with the healthiest and best functional ingredient delivery systems, including the type of caffeine we use in each piece of energy gum.

We will NEVER use synthetic or encapsulated caffeine in Liquid Core® Gums.

What is Encapsulated Caffeine?

One way that beverages, candies, and other gum brands disguise the taste of caffeine is by coating each caffeine particle with a layer of fat - this process is called encapsulation

While encapsulation can help hide the taste of caffeine, it can also cause the negative effect of a “sustained release”. This release typically does not deliver the results a consumer wants - the effects will be realized slower and over a longer period of time, not releasing the energy when desired, and potentially effecting sleep patterns later in the day. This study suggests that the release of encapsulated caffeine can range anywhere from 2.5-14 hours. 

One of the reasons it can take longer to feel the effects of encapsulated caffeine is because your body must break down the fatty lipids that encompass the caffeine before you can start to feel the desired effects. 

Sometimes a product might use a mixture of encapsulated and non-encapsulated caffeine so that you might feel some benefits right away, but then you are still dealing with the delayed release of the encapsulated caffeine later on - and it can mess with your sleeping patterns due to unpredictable timing.

When you consume encapsulated caffeine, what you eat, how long ago you ate, how long your body takes to break down fats, etc must all be taken into consideration with how fast it will “kick in”.

** If you don’t feel it right away you might feel inclined to take more, but the delayed release (due to the encapsulated caffeine) can be unpredictable and you might end up taking too much. 


Why Natural, Never Encapsulated?

We want people to have a good experience using caffeinated gums. Liquid Core® Energy Gums are designed for you to feel the effects of caffeine quickly, predictably, and smoothly using our Natural, NEVER Encapsulated, Caffeine. We are able to achieve this using our Liquid Core® Wave of Flavor, which releases within the first few chews, delivering effective caffeine and with a great taste, naturally, with no jitters or disrupted sleeping patterns. 



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