What is Hydroxyapatite?

What is Hydroxyapatite and How Does It Benefit Oral Health?

Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral found in bones and teeth, that when used in dental applications, has been shown to help protect teeth, prevent demineralization and rebuild tooth enamel. 


Are Fluoride and Hydroxyapatite the same?


Fluoride and Hydroxyapatite may have similar functions when used for dental health, but they are ultimately different.


Fluoride is technically considered a toxin, but is relatively harmless in small amounts. That being said, it is still not advised to swallow fluoride toothpaste and to thoroughly rinse after brushing with it. 


Hydroxyapatite, however, is safe to swallow and is actually recommended that you do NOT rinse after using so that it can continue to help protect the teeth and receive the benefits. Hydroxyapatite also has no known risks of overexposure, as seen with Fluoride. 


Both Hydroxyapatite and Fluoride have antibacterial properties, but Fluoride kills the bad AND the good bacteria. Hydroxyapatite does not kill bacteria, but instead just prevents them from attaching to the enamel of your teeth. 


Another difference is that Hydroxyapatite can help to lighten teeth without any help of bleaching or whitening agents, whereas Fluoride cannot. 


How is Hydroxyapatite used?


Hydroxyapatite is becoming a popular fluoride alternative in toothpaste, mouthwash, breath mints and now - hydroxyapatite in chewing gum. 


What is Hydroxyapatite?


Most dentists recommend chewing a sugar-free gum after a meal to help prevent tooth decay, and Liquid Core® Gum has taken sugar-free gum chewing to a whole new level. We have hyper-focused our unique functional delivery system on improving oral health and created the first chewing gum with hydroxyapatite. 


What is Liquid Core® SMILE™?

Each piece of Liquid Core® SMILE™ contains Activated Charcoal, Hydroxyapatite, MCT Oil, a blast of Icy Mint flavor and, as with all Liquid Core® Gums, more Xylitol than any other chewing gum on the market, while remaining sugar-free. 


Upon biting into a piece of Liquid Core® SMILE™, you will release the liquid center that contains the Activated Charcoal, Hydroxyapatite, MCT Oil and Icy Mint Blast. If you look in the mirror during this stage, you will notice a black, gooey liquid coating your teeth. 


As the liquid center is released and you continue to chew, the xylitol rich gum shell collects the Activated Charcoal, turning the entire piece of gum a dark gray color and continues working as you chew, returning your teeth back to their pearly white color.

What is Hydroxyapatite?


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