Spring Hiking Essentials

The ice is melting, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Spring is finally here and the Northern Hemisphere is warming up, which means that Spring and Summer Outdoor Activities are about to be in full swing and it’s time to be prepared. Hiking in the Spring, especially at higher altitudes, can require more preparation and more gear to bring compared to hiking later in the season during the summer months. 

woman hiking in the snow wearing an Apollo Energy Gum shirt

We’ve decided to share our Spring Hiking Essentials so that you can feel empowered to hit the trails with confidence! 


1. Footwear Traction

You should always check trail conditions before heading out, but conditions for spring hiking can be somewhat unpredictable. During this time of the year, it is best to always be safe and pack along some extra traction, like Microspikes or Mini Crampons, in case you run into ice on a shaded side of the trail. 

Spring Hiking Pro Tip: If the trail has a muddy section, don’t go around it - go through it. If everyone ended up going around the muddy section, this could widen the trail unnecessarily and cause further strain on the ecosystem. 


2. Extra Layers

Again, you should always check the weather before heading out on a hike, however the weather can switch up quickly during a spring hike - especially at higher altitudes. Things like a packable puffer coat or a rain jacket don’t add too much weight, and can really come in handy if you are caught in undesirable weather while spring hiking. 


3. Energy

This is a must have on any hike, but something to help your body recharge and finish your hike strong, like caffeinated gum. Energy gum is lightweight, effective, and portable energy that can help give you a boost when you are feeling fatigued on your hike. 

Apollo Energy Gum® was designed to keep you on the go and fuel all of your adventures. With our unique Liquid Core® liquid center, the natural caffeine releases more quickly and effectively than any other form of energy chewables on the market.

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4. Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun tends to take a backseat during transitional seasons, like in the spring. The weather might still be a little chilly, or maybe it's not hot enough to work up a sweat, so you forget to bring the sunblock and protective clothing while you are outdoors. 

We always like to make sure to bring extra sunblock in our hiking packs, as well as remember hats and loose long sleeve layers to keep the harsh sun off of our skin while out on a spring hike.


This is not a comprehensive packing list, but a highlight of what we think is important to remember and include during your spring hiking and other outdoor adventures! 

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