Liquid Core® VW ID. BUZZ

Liquid Core® VW ID. BUZZ

We Thought This Was Pretty Cool. 

Our jaw hit the floor when we saw a Hot Wheels® Car being valued over $150,000 - and thought it was the coolest throw back to the classic Volkswagen Bus. 
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So We Decided to Make Our Own. 

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We chose the 100% Electric Volkswagen ID. BUZZ Van as our first vehicle for the Liquid Core® Portugal Production Facility. With our Nazaré Innovation Lab operational, we needed a way to get around that aligned with our values and really made a splash.
We chose this van because we are in the surf-crazed community of Nazaré, and the classic VW Van has always played an iconic role with the surfing community.
This VW Van is electric, which ties into the strides we’re making towards sustainability with our operations in Portugal.

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