interview with apollo energy gum friend natalie magee of yogimagee

Interview with Apollo® Friend, Natalie!

Interview with Apollo® Friend, Natalie!

Read why Natalie, owner of Yogi Magee Expeditions, chooses to CHEW her energy!

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Who is Natalie Magee? 

Natalie is best known for her Yoga Adventure retreats, where she teaches yoga in beautiful locations and leads adventures for guests who lodge with her - BUT she is also a wife, a mother, a business owner, a flight attendant and an avid outdoors enthusiast! Juggling all of that requires some serious energy and focus - and that's where Apollo Energy Gum® comes in!
We had the pleasure of asking Natalie a few questions about how she chooses to incorporate Apollo® into her daily life and this is how it went:

Do you use Apollo Energy Gum® for any physical activities or sports? 

"I usually chew Apollo® while hiking or taking my two crazy puppies for their afternoon walk. However, at the beginning of October we took our family to Disney World and the Apollo Energy Gum® was key for my husband and I making it through each day! Because Disney requires guests to wear masks unless stationary eating or drinking, it wasn't practical to sip on a coffee. Apollo® allowed us to safely fuel up for our day because we could chew it without taking our masks off and gave us the energy to explore the park from opening to closing!"

In what ways do you find yourself using Apollo® most often? (examples: daily tasks like housework or driving, a pick-me-up at the office or during physical activities)

"As a flight attendant I keep Apollo Energy Gum® ready at all times to get me through my long work days. I am on my feet most of the day and can often start at 5am and not finish work until 10pm. Between running from gate to gate in the airport, serving customers and trying to stay awake on long flights - when I need caffeine I need it QUICK and I don't have the time to sip on a latte all day. Apollo® gives me the boost I need at work without the jitters and as a bonus I can share it with my co-workers."

What is your favorite thing about Apollo®?

"I honestly like the size of each piece of gum. I'll be honest, I'm one of those people who typically swallows my's my worst habit. Apollo Energy Gum is such a nice size and flavor that I find when I'm done chewing it, I will actually remember to throw it away! It doesn't dissolve in your mouth or break apart like typical pieces of gum and, besides the instant caffeine rush, that's probably one of my favorite aspects of each piece of gum."


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