How Much Exercise Can Increase Your Lifespan?

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health, but what people have been often left wondering is how much exercise do you need to live longer?

This massive study published in the AHA Scientific Journal, Circulation, states that  for people who are already moderately active, “any combination of medium to high levels” of vigorous (75 to 300 minutes per week) and moderate physical activity (150 to 600 minutes per week) “can provide nearly the maximum mortality reduction,” which is about 35% to 42%.

These findings do not seem to differ with age either. Whether you are in college or passing your time during retirement, moderate and vigorous activity throughout the week can add to your longevity. 

Exercise is much more beneficial than just putting off noncommunicable diseases and premature death. It is also a great for boosting confidence, increasing endurance, strengthen bones and muscles, manage weight, and so much more! Exercise combined with a healthy diet can help to Empower LIFE and help you live to the fullest. 

Need a little motivation for your more vigorous workouts? 

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