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Energize Your HEALTH!

 Even during challenging times like these, one thing remains true - you still need energy! Which is why Liquid Core® Store is still shipping orders right to your door and taking extra precautions on top of our already high standards. 

Most of our office staff is working remotely. A small team rotates into the factory to pack and ship orders...incorporating all State, OSHA and CDC recommendations. Kudos to them for helping us all to stay energized, positive & healthy!

We are starting our Energize Your Health program where we will be donating 1,000 packs of Apollo Energy Gum® to nurses, doctors, EMTs and other hospital staff to help them stay energized during these next coming weeks. 
Healthcare workers are already working long hours caring for those with COVID-19. While most of us acclimate to social distancing & working remotely, those in healthcare risk their own health every day.

These 1,000 packs are just the beginning; We will match ALL Apollo® Brands purchases pack-for-pack with our Energize Your Health program. This includes all purchases from Apollo®, FLY GUM®, Golf Gum® and current subscription orders until further notice. Tell a friend!
Your coffee shop is closed! Get productive at home with the cognitive benefits from Apollo® that coffee doesn’t provide & help us to help the people that are caring for our friends and family.
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