chewing gum and golf pros chew their way to big wins

Chewing Gum and Golf? Pros Chew Their Way to Big Wins.

Have you ever wanted to step up your golf game but just don’t have 5 days a week to practice like the pros? Let’s be real, not many of us do. On the bright side, many of us DO have time to pop a pack of Golf Gum™ into our bag when we head to the course.

What does gum have to do with golfing?


The number of pro golfers chewing gum during popular tournaments is growing quickly. Such as Tiger Woods, who had a major comeback win the 2019 Masters, as well as Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy who were also spotted chewing gum during Masters week. Jordan Spieth’s win at the 2017 British Open also received some attention for chewing on the same piece of gum for over 5 hours. Tiger mentioned he chews gum to suppress his appetite. Phil believes that it stimulates the frontal cortex and eases tension. Jordan says that he thinks mint has some sort of calming effect on the nerves. Whatever reason they have for justifying their chewing habits on the course, the science behind chewing has been around long before the modern game of golf that we know today.

Civilizations around the world have been producing and chewing some form of gum for centuries. The ancient Greeks chewed resin from the Mastic tree to sweeten their breath and clean their teeth. In Central America, native tribes like the Mayans also chewed resin from plants for similar uses. It seems counter-productive to chew without consuming food, so why were so many different cultures around the world doing this? This study found in the National Institute of Health’s website, suggests that chewing gum can reduce stress and improve focus, mood and productivity.[i]

While the effects of just chewing gum have been widely known for some time now, Golf Gum™ dives further into beneficial effects as this is no ordinary chewing gum. Each piece of Golf Gum™ has a Liquid Core™ center that holds approximately 80mg of natural caffeine and B-vitamins. This is the preferred delivery system for caffeinated gum, as the active ingredients start being released on the first chew. Plus, the caffeine that is released is derived from green coffee beans in a perfect dose, so no artificial jitters and crashes here.

You're probably still left you wondering, how does a caffeinated piece of chewing gum have an effect on my golf game? Well, studies (such as this one conducted by Auburn University) suggest that a moderate dose of caffeine before and during a round of golf can reduce fatigue and improve golf-specific performance measures[ii]. That same study also points out that using caffeine during golf can take 2 strokes off an experienced player’s handicap.

Golf Gum Production in Denver, ColoradoWith all of this knowledge laid out together, it is clear to see that Golf Gum™ is the best solution for golfers simply because it combines both of the benefits from consuming caffeine AND chewing gum. We have spent 10 years and over 700 formulas to get this right, and that is exactly what we did. We have designed a portable, effective and convenient energy solution for golfers on, and off, the green.

You can check out more benefits and information about Golf Gum™ here.

Most Golf Gum™ users will take a piece just 10 minutes prior to the first tee, or just before the most challenging hole of the course. Whatever time you decide to use Golf Gum™, due to the powerful, long-lasting spearmint flavor, you can chew it for the entire round and continue to reap the cognitive benefits from chewing while you do. Some people are more caffeine tolerant than others, so if you start to feel a bit fatigued going into the back 9, you can always pop another piece to give you that push to finish; we just don’t recommend more than 2 pieces in a 10 hour time frame. Another added benefit is that Golf Gum™ has the most xylitol of any gum, which it makes it easy to get a boost of clean energy while improving also your oral health.

If published scientific studies or following tips of professional golfers aren’t your jam; click here to check out what some of our real life customers have to say!

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