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What is Life’s Gum® BerryDefense®? | Chew Your Health

Life’s Gum® BerryDefense® is a revolutionary way for anyone and everyone to Live Healthy™ - and enjoy it! 
We took the best piece of chewing gum and added functional ingredients like vitamins, probiotics, hemp seed extract and a BerryDefense (link to study) blend that all work together to help support overall wellness, immunity, vision and cardio! 


All of the active ingredients that are in each piece of Life’s Gum® BerryDefense® are engulfed by a delicious, long-lasting gum shell that transitions to a unique flavor and contains more xylitol than any other gum in the world - which can help to improve your oral health!

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Since Life’s Gum® BerryDefense® stays soft, chewable and flavorful for an hour or more it is able to help promote cognitive/brain-boosting benefits through the act of chewing alone! These benefits include - but are not limited to - increased focus, improved memory recall and improved stress relief

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CHEW YOUR HEALTH With Life's Gum® BerryDefense! 

Gone are the times of taking multiple supplements per day. With Life’s Gum® BerryDefense® you can chew just a piece a day and replace 6 or more individual supplement bottles while you receive a brain-boost from chewing! 
With the state of our world, we know that people are looking for more effective, convenient, and smarter ways to Live Healthy™. That’s why we brought you Life’s Gum® BerryDefense®.
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