5 tips to stay fit this fall with a woman and man running outside

5 Tips to Stay Fit This Fall

Fall: a season bringing endless possibility with its beautiful weather conditions. It’s the perfect time to get outside, get active, and get back into a healthy exercise regimen. Here are five tips to help you conquer this fall. 

1. Dress for the weather

As the weather gets colder, it can be harder to find the motivation to get outside and work out. However, wearing wind-shielding gear and dressing in layers are both effective ways to make your fall outdoor work out enjoyable. Bringing accessories like gloves and beanies are a great way to ensure complete comfort for your run, ride, or whatever outdoor activities you may participate in. If conditions get too harsh you can always take your workout indoors.
Here is an in-depth guide on what to wear and bring during a hike depending on the season! 

2. Exercise earlier in the day

Another great way to stay active during the fall is to exercise earlier in the day. As the sun starts to set earlier, we naturally start to feel tired earlier in the evening. Tackling a workout in the morning is the best way to ensure you get a workout completed for the day and allows for more time to relax in the evening.

 3. Stay hydrated

Just because the temperature has cooled down doesn’t mean you should drink less water. It’s normal not to feel as thirsty when it’s not hot outside, but it’s still important to get enough water to recover after a workout. Staying hydrated will help curb your appetite too.
Check out Camelbak’s hydration calculator to get an idea of just how much water you need to stay hydrated this fall.

 4. Turn your fall chores into a workout

What if you could burn calories simply by tackling fall chores? According to Harvard Health it’s not just possible, it’s easy. A study conducted by the institute found that a 155-pound person can burn up to 149 calories by raking leaves for 30 minutes. Imagine how many calories you can burn handling all your chores this fall! It’s a great way to be efficient and stay on track.

5. Avoid over-indulging during the holidays

Don’t get tricked into consuming sweets this holiday season. Prepare healthy snacks to curb your appetite and avoid gaining those extra pounds from grazing on sweets in the office, at home, at parties, or wherever else temptation may pop-up. According to the National Institutes of Health, adults gain an average of a pound a year around the holidays. The holiday season is a dangerous time for creating bad habits. One pound a year can accumulate over the years if no action is taken, so it’s important to go into the holiday season with a strong mentality.


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How do you enjoy fitness in the fall months?
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