Have an idea for a Liquid Core® Private Label?

We’ve got a program for that.

There are many advantages that come with having our own factory. The opportunity to develop a variant of one of our current formulations – or create an amazing new Energy, Health or Wellness gum from scratch – means that you can reach out and tell us your idea and quickly see if it’s a go!

Whether you have a vision for a fast-acting functional chewing gum, or you have an existing product and wondered if a portable chewing gum version could be just the thing to complement your line, let’s have a confidential discussion about it.

We are Experts at this – Active Ingredients, Flavors, Synergistic Flavor Enhancement, Sweeteners and more.

Drop us a message below! Be sure to include your contact information, website (if you have one), ideal function and/or active ingredient, general idea of a Liquid Core® Chewable, and anything else you think might be helpful.

Reasonable Formulation Fees and Minimums.

Private Label Inquiry Form

Doesn't This Create Competition for Our Own Liquid Core® Brands?

The short answer is - yes! And we're okay with that.

There is enough room in the category for all of us. If one Brand succeeds, it helps to build awareness of not only Functional Chewing Gum products, but to the Liquid Core® Brand delivery system and why it is ideal!

We need more Brands filling the shelves to get the word out there. So yes, manufacturing Gums for our competition might seem strange, but we want to see our unique category THRIVE!