Travel Bundle

Travel Bundle

Smarter Energy with an Edge!™
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What You Get:

2 Packs of FLY GUM® Jet Lag Energized

1 Pack of Life's Gum® BerryDefense


The perfect duo for domestic or international travel.

Help your immune system stay running like a well oiled machine with Life's Gum® BerryDefense! Caffeine-free and packed with immunity boosting ingredients like Vitamin B, C, and D, Zinc and Elderberry, Life's Gum® BerryDefense can be a trusty co-pilot for your travels. 

FLY GUM® Jet Lag Energized was designed to help fuel your adventures and kick jet lag to the curb! With ~80mg of Natural Caffeine per piece, our liquid center delivery system can help you feel the effects quickly and efficiently.