OverClocked Energy Gum®
OverClocked Energy Gum®
OverClocked Energy Gum®
OverClocked Energy Gum®
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OverClocked Energy Gum®

Smarter Energy with an Edge!™
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1 Pack = 5 Pieces = 5 Servings of Energy!

What is OverClocked® Energy Gum?

  • OverClocked Energy Gum can help you to step your game up and increase your performance through Enhanced Reaction Times, Memory Recall and Concentration. Each piece of OverClocked® offers:
  • Hands-Free Energy with ~80mg of Fast-Acting Caffeine

  • No spills that can damage your equipment

  • Less Liquid = Fewer Bathroom Breaks = More Screen Time

  • Improved Oral Health from Xylitol

  • Always Sugar-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free

  • Our unique liquid center contains B-vitamins and natural caffeine and is surrounded by a delicious, xyltiol-rich gum shell that stays soft and chewable for an hour or more. This allows the active ingredients to be released quickly and effectively while eliminating spills, refreshing your breath and helping you stay focused. It truly is Smarter Energy with an Edge™.

Is OverClocked® Sugar-Free?

Yes! Like all of our Liquid Core® Gums, OverClocked® Energy Gum does not contain sugar, aspartame or acesulfame-k.

How much caffeine is in each piece of OverClocked®?

Each piece contains approximately 80 mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans. That is roughly equivalent to a small cup of coffee or a single serving of an energy drink.

How many calories are in a piece of OverClocked® Energy Gum?

Each piece contains approximately 10 calories.

When should I chew OverClocked®?

We recommend chewing a piece of OverClocked® Energy Gum while you are actively gaming - or anytime you can use some extra energy, focus and enhanced reaction times while being hands-free!

How long does each piece of OverClocked® last?

OverClocked® Energy Gum will typically stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more, so you can chew it until you can’t chew anymore! As for the energy, depending on your metabolism, you can expect to feel the effects very quickly and then taper off smoothly over a few hours. Unlike sugar laden energy drinks, OverClocked® Energy Gum offers a cleaner energy boost that is not accompanied by a “jittery” sugar crash!

How does OverClocked® differ from other energy gums on the market?

For starters, OverClocked® Energy Gum has a liquid center that allows the active ingredients to be released quickly and effectively. You will initially taste the intensity of the energy being released but it quickly fades (within 3-17 seconds) and turns into a smooth, minty flavor.

Other energy gum products use powdered caffeine in the shell of a solid piece of gum. With this method, you never know how much caffeine is being released from the gum while you’re chewing, which is why it ends up tasting bad once the flavor dissipates - because the caffeine and vitamins get stuck within the gum itself.

Why should you CHEW your Energy over drinking an energy drink?

If you skip over the part where energy drinks can be corrosive and overall bad for your teeth and ignore some of the sketchy ingredients that can be found in them, energy drinks don’t seem half bad. However, drinking your energy is an obsolete method compared to chewing your energy.

First of all, the way energy drinks affect you largely depends on 1) how fast you drink them, 2) how much/how little you’ve eaten that day, and 3) your metabolism. With all of these factors coming into play, you never truly know when you will feel the effects or how it may affect you this time around.

Second, energy drinks take your hands off your controls in order for you to take a sip. When every millisecond counts, you cannot afford to have your hands tied up while you try to energize. They can accidentally spill on your console or equipment and increase your bathroom breaks, resulting in less screentime.

Lastly, energy drinks are EXPENSIVE! Energy drinks can cost anywhere from $2-$4 per drink, not to mention the long-term effects that they can have on your health and teeth. Whereas OverClocked® Energy Gum can cost $1 or LESS per piece, and can score you some brownie points with your dentist.

What are the "Cognitive Benefits" that you can get from OverClocked® Energy Gum? 

The Cognitive Benefits that OverClocked® Energy Gum can help to promote (based on quality chewing) are increased focus and concentration, improved memory recall, and decreased stress just to name a few. These are all based on independent studies that can be found here, here and here.

We even wrote an entire blog article about the benefits of chewing gum! Check it out for more information and more links to scientific studies.

Tired of Drinking, Spilling, and the Frequent Bathroom Breaks Interrupting your Gaming? Video Games have Evolved Tremendously in the Last Decade - and so have our Taste Buds and Expectations. Thus, OverClocked® was Spawned into our Energy & Performance Lineup.
When we had the Idea to Offer our Liquid Core® Energy Gum to the eSports world, it became Clear that this is where we should have been all along! The Difference in Winning and Losing a Match can be a Millisecond and there's no time to take your Hands Off the Controls to take a Swig. When every second counts, the Form we get ourEnergy in, becomes the new META. CHEWing your Energy can provide you with a Better, Faster, Healthier Boost with no Jittery-Sugar Crash and Fewer Bathroom Breaks.
Are You Ready to 'Level Up' Your Energy?