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CHEW your Energy & your Health with this Golf Gum®, Life's Gum® BerryDefense and Liquid Core® SMILE Bundle! 

Each piece of Golf Gum® contains ~80mg of Natural Caffeine to help power your swing and enhance your focus.

If you are all set on caffeine for the remainder of your game, but want the added brain-boosting benefits from chewing, you can chew a piece of Life's Gum® BerryDefense or Liquid Core® SMILE! 

Life's Gum® BerryDefense is great to help give your immune system a boost while you are working on your golf game. Packed with vitamins B6, C, D and Zinc, as well as probiotics and a proprietary BerryDefense Blend - it not only taste delicious but it is functional as well!

Liquid Core® SMILE is loaded with Activated Charcoal, Hydroxyapatite, and MCT Oil to help clean your teeth and freshen your breath, on or off the course!

What you get:

1 Pack of Golf Gum®

1 Pack of Life's Gum® BerryDefense

1 Pack of Liquid Core® SMILE