Gamer Bundle with 2 packs of Overclocked Energy Gum and a pack of Apollo Energy Gum

Gamer Bundle

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What You Get:

2 Packs of OverClocked® Energy Gum

1 Pack of FLATLINER™ Performance Gum 


Chew OverClocked® for your everyday gaming for a modest ~80mg of Natural Caffeine per piece. When you need to amp up your energy and crush the next level, chew FLATLINER™ to boost your performance with ~130mg of Natural Caffeine per piece. 

The act of chewing a quality piece of caffeinated gum while gaming can help to enhance reaction times, improve your focus, increase memory recall and more! 

Keep your hands on your controls more than your energy! Energize hands-free with our Liquid Core® Gamer Bundle.