Liquid Core® Gum has revolutionized the functional chewing gum category by creating a long-lasting gum with a liquid center to house the active ingredients. This allows the active ingredients - whether that is Energy, Health or Wellness - to be released from the gum shell quickly and effectively so that they can get to work on enhancing your life!

Our signature liquid core shell contains more xylitol than any other chewing gum brand in the world and is engineered to promote oral health. Each piece can stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more, which can help achieve physical and cognitive benefits through the act of chewing.
the liquid center is the best delivery system for functional ingredients as they are released more quickly and thoroughly than if the ingredients were mixed into a solid piece of gum. The liquid center is released upon the first few chews, allowing you to maximize any potential benefits!

Functional chewing gums with a solid piece of gum, tend to have their active ingredients get trapped in the shell and left behind, leaving you with a bitter taste and a piece of gum that you don’t want to chew longer than a few minutes.

The first Pass Effect is a process in which a vitamin, drug or other functional ingredient is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and transported via the portal vein to the liver, where it is metabolized. As a result, only a small proportion of the active ingredient serves its purpose in the bloodstream.
Benefits of Chewing include increased focus, enhanced concentration, enhanced memory recall, improved relaxation, and may reduce brain fog

Chewing gum to promote brain-boosting benefits only works if it is a quality chew for an extended duration. Liquid Core® Gums were formulated to stay soft and chewable to help promote these benefits.

Chew your energy with natural caffeine. Our liquid core energy line contains natural caffeine from green coffee beans, in addition to added b vitamins. Some of the documented benefits of consuming caffeine are: enhanced reaction time,  reduced fatigue, increased endurance, and improved mental clarity and alertness.
Chew your health! Research suggests that vitamins b-6, c, d3 and zinc can all work together in the body to help support the immune system and other natural functions. BerryDefense is a propriety elderberry, black currant, and aronia berry blend to support the immune system as well as vision and cardio health. LifeInU Probiotics help to support immune system health. HempSeed oil is added as a super-food that has a rich nutrient profile.

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